Eicca at the start of Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin. Lovely to see Sharon and Cristina right away

Had a boob job while I was in Sardinia … And Andi is clearly NOT impressed by the pose, ahah!
#metalnerdsunited #idontgiveafecckk

Berlin, here we are Metal Hammer awards tonight… So excited! HA!!!! Stay tuned for updates… I’ll bring you all with me!

2003 (left) Cri VS 2014 Cri. Notice the smile (which I prefere) versus the now mandatory grumpy face in documents pics…

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All… Dolled up. Get it? Ah? Get it???

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A black fairy…somewhere in England…

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It's just another day, the shame is gone
Hard to believe that I've let it go.
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wake up, kick ass, sleep. Repeat.

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