"It is a fact: Steve Prue can always capture my soul and put it on film… Or minipolaroids @tmronin"

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"I LOVE this minipolaroid my friend (and KILLER photographer) Steve Prue took of me after our show in NYC yesterday! Miss you already, @tmronin !!!"

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"Woman italian temper caught by @tmronin !"

"Yesterday was one of these days
From Jacksoville North Carolina we are now heading to Jacksonville Florida!
Show @ Freebird tonight, pretty much in front of the ocean, in my second hometown. Only one very important thing missing… but amazing friends are coming so I’m THRILLED!!! see you tonight!!!”

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"Jessica Mae and Benjamin Rodich from Warpaint are preparing me for the battle… New York city, here I come for a sold out show that is going to be insane!!! #warpaint"

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"Mission of the day, of every day: take a quick look at myself every morning and think about what I can do to improve every little thing around me. Give warm hugs and free smiles away, you have no idea how contagious positivity can be!"

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"I will feel the sun come back upon my face -
The light outside the darkness it’s not too far away - Not far away from the nothing I only want to escape because you can’t kill the light inside of me.”

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"This is a gratitude face! Thanks Angela, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I got other amazing gifts at the signing session that I will use/post soon. Thanks Matt + Jen and also to a sweet girl I dunno the name of  ! You guys spoiled me rotten!!!!!! #bleeeeeeessed #stormtrooper #cristinascabbia"

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"Spent a great day with the one and only @jeremysaffer … We created something magical… To share with you all soon. Wait and see… #cristinascabbia #jeremysaffer #lacunacoil"

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