This beautiful little princess looks lost! Go rescue her at the merch booth, tonight in Libertyville at the Austin saloon!!!

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A new Lacuna Coil era calls for a new layout.

I hope you all like it! x

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Ouch, Sephora. I hate to love makeup. Hurts the budget but damn, it feels so good. Most of you my girls KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!!!!

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Time to rock Nashville with my little boy on my finger… ALWAYS with me . Get yours @ (FREE SHIPPING EVERYWHERE in the world!)

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Never get an italian woman pissed.

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Hey @5fdpchriskael ! I decided to grow a beard kinda like yours!

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Where do I start from… 

Circa 1993. 

I was in a metal pub in Milano and all of a sudden I heard some mindblowing music. 

"What the hell is that?" 

"Type o Negative, sister" (that night dj replied to me)

A lifechanging day for me, for sure.

I immediately bought the whole TON discography available up until that day and avidly listen to it all.

Imagine my pure JOY when I heard we were going to be on tour with them!

Joy that doubled when I met the TON guys in person, the most amazing people behind the mysterious shade of darkness.

To this day TON is still one of my most beloved bands.

One of the ones who influenced the most my musical taste and still inspire me along my music journey.

That was just a little introduction to what’s following:

Peter steele left us four years ago today.

I can’t recall I met a more unique persona.

His heart was full of passion, his sarcasm was priceless.

His voice was magical.

I can’t explain how much respect I had/have for him.

His loss is still VERY hard to digest, I wish we could have kept him with us way longer… I can only barely imagine the pain of Johnny, Kenny and Josh.

I like to think that Peter is doing great wherever he is right now, looking at all of us, smirking. 

What I surely know is that he will always be with us, no matter what.

Love you and miss you, green Giant